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WELCOME to the world of the

Atlas Grooming Lounge



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Why We Work

Being called the best is a subjective term. Though we are humbled and grateful for the designation, we are also acutely aware that we play a small role in a larger story.

Twenty years ago when the original Atlas Hair Company was born, barbering was an undervalued craft, and most hair stylists had yet to learn the art of men's hair. Today we count ourselves among many talented stylists in the Philadelphia area doing amazing men's work.

We thank Philadelphia Magazine and everyone who has endeavored to raise us up. We promise to continue to strive for excellence in all that we do. 

Style.  Craftsmanship.  Comfort.

No hype.  Just amazing hair.


Adrian.  One Man.  One Cut.  Endless Possibilites


light to medium hold with textured cut

Creating this look with Adrian's hair was easy. Classic vertical scissor point cutting with a corrugated texture built in. No blending shears were used which maintains his hair's natural movement. Towel dried. Medium hold paste was worked throughout for a natural finish.

Low Tapered neckline blended into top

Quite often the neckline is not treated with the detailing it deserves.  We see high and tight fades, blocked off necklines, etc. but a great low taper that blends evenly offers Adrian a stronger finish with a more natural growth pattern at the neck. Four weeks ahead furry but still looking good

A Classic Look with Pomade or Gel Finish

There are moments in every guy's life where he needs to up his game. The shirt needs to be starched, a high polish shine on the shoes, and a hard part with a good gel or pomade. A versatile cut will give every man the option to look his best on any occasion.


Though open to barbers of all levels of experience, the Grooming Lounge is the first step in the on-boarding process of a new Duross & Langel team stylist.

All team members have been classically trained by Master Barber/Stylist Steve Duross in his method of free-hand cutting, so that you are guaranteed a well crafted, professionally executed look tailored to your individual style


Join us

Our place is nothing fancy. Just a great spot where we can ply our craft while you relax and get an amazing hair cut. Come prepared to tell us what you liked about your last cut, and what you did not. Bring a few pictures of elements you like from different cuts. Of course, our barber/stylists will offer you their design choices based on how they think you will look your best


Reserve Your Seat

We welcome walk-in clients whenever possible, though we suggest you reserve your seat to insure prompt service. Feel free to book online or give us a call